Socket CF Wireless LAN Card Driver Download

CF Wireless LAN Card [8510-00186, 8510-00188]

Wi-Fi® Companion
This is an updated driver and utility for Windows Mobile 2003 that includes Socket Wi-Fi Companion version 2.5.1, a new user-friendly utility. Wi-Fi Companion adds new functions including Find Wireless Networks, connect to favorite networks and manage power save modes to maximize battery life for the Windows mobile device. Also supports WPA on WM 2003 Second Edition as well as on some ROM updates to the original WM 2003. Installs using the standard ActiveSync connection. Please view the release notes within the .exe file. Download free for a Socket CF Wireless LAN Card.

Please do not use it with PocketPC 2002.

1.Uninstall Socket WLAN TOOLS and drivers

Go to Start - > Settings - > System - > Remove Programs - > Uninstall Socket WLAN TOOLS and the Socket WLAN Drivers - > Tap OK

2. Download Wi-Fi Companion software and Drivers. Store it on your desktop

3. Install Wi-Fi Companion and Drivers

Double click Socket Wi-Fi Companion and drivers -> Select drivers and Wi-Fi Companion you want to install. -> Perform additional steps on your Windows Mobile Device.

Wi-Fi companion will detect all wireless networks within range - > Configure and connect to your network.


Language(s): English

Platform(s): Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE

Socket CF Wireless LAN Card Driver Download: 3.3 MB [exe]

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