Qualcomm Atheros AR6x02/AR6003 WLAN Adapter Windows Vista, Win7 Drivers, Ver.


Radio-On-Chip for Mobile (ROCm) Products

AR6003: The AR6003 is the third-generation Wi-Fi chip from Atheros optimized for the throughput, size, and energy efficiency needs of mobile and embedded devices.


  • Most power-efficient 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN implementation for mobile and embedded applications
  • Single-stream 802.11n provides highest throughput and superior
  • Optimized for maximum throughput and low power consumption
  • Highest level of on-chip integration using CMOS technology
  • Smallest WLAN solution footprint for design flexibility

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Device Name: Atheros AR6x02 WLAN Adapter
Hardware ID: SD\VID_0271&PID_0200, SD\VID_0271&PID_0201

Device Name: Atheros AR6003 WLAN Adapter
Hardware ID: SD\VID_0271&PID_0300, SD\VID_0271&PID_0301

Atheros AR6x02/AR6003 WLAN Adapter Windows Vista 32/64bit, Win7 32/64bit Drivers, Ver.,

Download (13.9 MB, Driver Version: 05/28/2011, )