Belkin F9K1103 Wireless Dual Band Router N750 DB – Firmware Update, Ver.1.00.46


Belkin N750 DB Wireless Router

The Belkin N750 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router gives you superior performance for home-theater video streaming and gaming. Featuring exclusive MultiBeam technology, Gigabit and USB ports, and dual-band speeds of up to 300Mbps + 450Mbps, the Belkin N750 DB gives you maximum throughput and multi-device coverage throughout your home.

Post Date: 11/21/2011

Release Notes

  • Updated wireless driver to improve peak wireless throughput.
  • Improved long term router stability within UPNP environment.
  • Media server now can be re-enabled after being disabled without the need for a reboot.
  • Fixed virtual servers interface issues in the Firefox browser.
  • 802.11e WMM “Off” option disabled when in 802.11n mode (According to Wi-Fi spec)

For instructions on how to update the firmware on your wireless router please visit:

Updating the routers firmware

Download version: 1.00.46; size: 6.22 MB


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