Billionton UBTBR1R Bluetooth V1.2 Classs 1 USB Dongle Windows Driver, Software


Billionton UBTBR1R Bluetooth USB Dongle

This is a Bluetooth USB Dongle with class 1 output power. It uses Broadcom BCM2035 single chip Bluetooth IC and is Bluetooth v1.2 specification supported, and works on 2.4GHz ISM Band. It works in notebook and desktop PCs. Simply plug it into notebook or desktop PCs’ USB connectors; you can then use the many profiles provided and communicate with other Bluetooth devices without the tangle of cables. It will empower your information application with more mobility.


  • Bluetooth v1.2 compliant
  • Full speed USB v1.1 Interface
  • Wireless communication within a radius of 100 Meters
  • Connect up to 7 different enabled Bluetooth devices
  • Encryption and authentication ensure safe, secure communications
  • Low power consumption

Download Billionton UBTBR1R Bluetooth 1.2 Windows Driver, Software:

Billionton UBTBR1R Bluetooth Windows Vista Driver, Software: Download 1,Download 2 (45,102KB)

Billionton UBTBR1R Bluetooth Win98SE/ME/2000/WinXP Drivers, Bluetooth Software:

Download 1, Download 2 (67,390KB)  Driver Ver:, 2006/8/3