Conceptronic CBT200NANO Bluetooth v2.1 USB 2.0 Nano Adapter Windows Driver, Utility



This compact USB Bluetooth Nano adapter can create a wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices like a PDA(handheld), mobile phone, GPS receiver, mouse or another computer. It is even possible to use your mobile phone to have internet access wherever you are. The low power consumption and compact form factor (only sticks out 10mm) allows you to leave it plugged into your notebook/netbook.

  • Ultra compact (only 10 mm)
  • Max. working distance upto 200 M
  • Bluetooth version 2.1 (Class 1)
  • Low power consumption

Conceptronic CBT200NANO Bluetooth Nano Adapter Windows XP,Vista,Win7 Driver, Utility:

Download [ version :,  14-05-2010, 79.1 MB]