D-Link DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter Windows Driver, Utility


D-Link DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter

Experience the world of Bluetooth technology with the D-Link Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter (DBT-120). Sync your PDA and download images from your Bluetooth camera from across the room or transfer music from your PC to your mobile phone from down the hall. Connect headphones, mice, keyboards, and other Bluetooth devices to your computer with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology. 2.1Mbps (Bluetooth 2.0) and 723.2Kbps (Bluetooth 1.x)

There are multiple revisions of the DBT-120, each with revision specific drivers.

Downloads for REVISION A (how to check)

DBT-120 Drivers v1.41.6a.zip (17837 KB): Download

Downloads for REVISIONS B1, B2, B3 (NOT for B4) (how to check)

DBT-120 Drivers v1.42.10a.zip (19523 KB): Download

Downloads for REVISION B4 (how to check)

DBT-120 Drivers v1.42.10.zip (19485 KB): Download

Setup Guides

DBT-120 User Manual, v2.1 (2702 KB): Download

DBT-120 Installation Guide in WinXP SP2.pdf (470 KB): Download

Linking Mobile Phone to DBT-120.pdf (157 KB): Download

Nokia 7650 PCSuite with DBT-120.pdf (163 KB): Download

Troubleshooting Nokia PC Suite.pdf (78 KB): Download

DBT-120 Quick Install Guide v3.20.pdf (642 KB): Download