Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Mini-PCI Adapter Driver for Linux, Ver.1.2.2

In order to use the IPW2100 driver you will need the following:

  1. Linux (of course) with a 2.6.8+* kernel. See README.ipw2100 for information on specific options required to be enabled in the kernel.
  2. Wireless Extensions (v17) and Tools (v28) [link]
  3. The IPW2100 driver. You can obtain the latest development snapshot below.
  4. The IPW2100 binary firmware image. The firmware can be obtained here.

For instructions on how to build and use the driver, please see the INSTALL document.


A quick blurb about the release version numbers use:

The version numbers used for the snapshots indicate whether a release is a tested and stable release, or an unstable development release. A version where the last number is a 0 indicates a stable release. Versions ending in anything other than 0 are unstable.

Stable versions require a more extensive validation pass to be executed and will not be made available as frequently as the development snapshots.



Development work continues on the driver through the open source project. Driver source code and firmware binaries are provided for download. The development drivers are intended to provide the Linux developer community an opportunity to improve and provide feedback for the driver. Intel has assigned a public maintainer who will work with the Linux community to incorporate feedback into the driver. Support for this driver will be provided through the open source project, specifically via mailing lists and forums. These drivers are intended for use by technical Linux developers. Development support is only available from the open source web site, please do not contact the Intel Customer Support Centers with questions about the development driver.

Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection

The development site is available at