Lenovo Ideapad 2in1-11 Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers for Windows 10

Lenovo Ideapad 2in1-11 Laptop

Download Lenovo Ideapad 2in1-11 Laptop Windows 10 Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers and Software.

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Operating System: Type:
Driver NameUpdatedSizeDownload
ideapad 2in1-11 Bluetooth Driver (Liteon, Intel) for Windows 10 (64-bit)
File Name: j2l902af.exe; Version: BT_02
2017-09-132.0 MBDOWNLOAD
ideapad 2in1-11 WLAN Driver (Liteon, Intel) for Windows 10 (64-bit)
File Name: j2l803af.exe; Version: Intel_19.51.8.2 Atheros_12.0.0.448
2018-01-0512.0 MBDOWNLOAD