Targus ACB74AU Ultra-Mini Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adaptor Windows 2000, XP, Vista Drivers & Utility


Targus ACB74AU Ultra-Mini Bluetooth

The Targus USB Ultra-Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adaptor allows you to use Bluetooth devices with laptops or desktops that are not Bluetooth enabled. The Ultra-Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adaptor provides wireless connectivity from up to 100m away, freeing users from messy cables for a clutter-free workstation. The ultra-mini, sleek design is ideal for users to connect and forget. Equipped with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), this Bluetooth 2.0 adaptor allows wireless communication up to 3 times faster than Bluetooth 1.X adaptors.


  • Add Bluetooth wireless connectivity to your laptop; connect up to 7 Bluetooth wireless devices simultaneously
  • Serial portobject push, file transfer, basic imaging, dialup networking, LAN access, Personal Area Network, Audio GatewayHeadset, Keyboardmouse (HID), Hardcopy Cable Replacement (HCRP), AV Advanced Audio Distribution
  • Transfer rate is 3x faster than Bluetooth 1.X adaptors
  • Supports from up to 100m away

Targus ACB74AU Ultra-Mini Bluetooth Adaptor Windows 2000, XP, Vista Drivers & Utility:

ACB74AU Driver for Windows 2000 / XP

ACB74AU Driver for Windows Vista

User Guide for ACB74AU


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