Ubee(Ambit) U10C019 Wireless Cable Router Overview

Ubee(Ambit) U10C019 Wireless Cable Router Overview

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The Ubee U10C019 Wireless Cable Modem Router is designed to support both the residential and commercial users in one device! This is a perfect solution for MSOs looking to use one device to service both their commercial and residential wireless customers.


  • Industry certifications make for seamless installations for MSOs
  • Connectivity options for any networked CPE device in the home
  • With WPA2 Wi-Fi Encryption, your customers will have a safe and secure WiFi Network
  • Configure the U10C019 with any routing method you prefer
  • With the commercial routing features, the U10C019 will allow MSO’s to have less overhead


  • DOCSIS 2.0 & CableHome 1.1 Certified
  • Integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi Access Point
  • 4 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports & 1 USB Port
  • WPA2-PSK Wi-Fi Encryption
  • Configurable via SSH, Telnet, Web, and SNMP