3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card Windows Drivers

3Com AirConnect 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card, Product #: 3CRWE73796B


Device Name: 3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card

Device ID:

FilenameRelease DateVersionFile Size

ac20cd.exe06 Mar 20012.030.77 MB
 AirConnect Upgrade CD V2.0. This CD supports 3CRWE737A, 3CRWE73796B, 3CRWE747A, and 3CRWE74796B. In addition to the operating systems listed, this CD also supports Windows CE 2.11.

737_xp.exe16 Jan 2002-0.17 MB
 Microsoft supported drivers for Windows XP.  No other drivers or software are required or should be used for functionality in Windows XP.

AirConnect Wireless LAN Read Me First (Version 2.0) : 09-2048-000_rmf.pdf

3Com 3CRWE73796B Wireless LAN PC Card User Guide (Version 2.0) : 3crwe73796ug.pdf

3Com 3CRWE73796B Quick Start Guide(Version 2.0):09-2029-000_pc_qsg.pdf