Broadcom DRAFT-802.11N PRODUCT FAMILY (BCM4321)

Broadcom DRAFT-802.11N PRODUCT FAMILY (BCM4321)


  • First IEEE 802.1 1n draft-compliant Wi-Fi solution
  • BCM4321—MAC/baseband controller for draft-802.11n and 802.11a/b/g devices (PCI/PCI Express /CardBus)
  • BCM2055—2x2 dual-band single-chip radio—3x3 and 4x4 antenna options for increased range and performance
  • All CMOS implementation of the world's most advanced system architecture for draft-802.11n networks
  • Fully backwards-compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g legacy devices
  • Allows cost-effective system design using low-cost PCB and single-sided assembly
  • High-performance features across the Intensi-fi product line

•    High-performance whole house wireless coverage

•    OneDriver™

•    SecureEasySetup™

•    SmartRadio™

•   WPA™/WPA2™

•    Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX4)

•    Full-rate Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) engine in hardware

•   WMM™ for quality of service


  • Reference Designs
    BCM94321CB2—CardBus reference design
    BCM94321MP—Mini PCI reference design
    BCM94321MC—PCI Express Mini Card reference design
    BCM94704NR—AP/Router reference design
  • Two spatially multiplexed streams support data rates up to 300 Mbps
  • Increased rate/range performance enhances user satisfaction while reducing product support calls
  • Self-calibrating architecture allows high-yield board manufacturing
  • 2x2 antenna structure maintains form factor compatibility with high-volume IEEE 802.11a/g industrial designs
  • Low-cost CMOS implementation for MAC, baseband, and radio allows integration with Broadcom's cable/DSL/set-top/ VoIP chipsets
  • OneDriver: Single driver across platforms simplifies driver update process and improves customer satisfaction
  • Designs meet Pb-free/RoHS worldwide requirements
  • SecureEasySetup for simple Wi-Fi setup and security configuration


  • Wireless client cards for desktop and notebook PCs (PCI, PCI Express, MiniCard, MiniPCI, CardBus, and WWF form factors)
  • High-performance draft-802.11n router solutions with the BCM4704 SoC
  • Home multimedia entertainment wireless networks
  • Consumer Wi-Fi devices and other embedded applications requiring high-performance throughput and range

Intensi-fi Reference Designs


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