Connecting Devices Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a computer, cell phone, pda, keyboard or mouse can connect to each other wirelessly at distances up to 10 meters (33 feet). Bluetooth 1.5 and later for Mac OS X provides additional support for Bluetooth-enabled headsets and printers.

Note that headsets must support the Bluetooth headset profile and printers must support the Bluetooth HCRP profile. Make sure you have the latest Bluetooth firmware from Apple s Bluetooth Firmware Updater.

To connect devices using Bluetooth:

  1. Make sure your Mac and your device are Bluetooth-enabled (via internal Bluetooth module or adapter).
  2. Click on Applications – Utilities – Bluetooth Setup Assistant to set up (pair) your device to work with your Mac
  3. Once you have paired a device with your Mac, you will see the device listed in Bluetooth Preferences – Devices