D-Link AirPlus Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Access Point Review

Security Features

Security features include MAC Filters (shown in the screen shot below), as well as the WEP and Association mode controls I covered earlier. Although the "clone" feature allows you to quickly add MAC address for connected clients to the filter list, it would be nice to have the ability to save and load MAC address lists to a file. The Tools > System > System Settings Save and Load Settings feature should store these settings for easy restore once you've entered them, but since the file generated isn't in text format, I don't know for sure.

D-Link 900AP+ - MAC address filters screen

Figure 5: MAC filters

Note that the AP doesn't support the 802.1X authentication standard, nor does it allow you to stop it from broadcasting its ESSID, or allowing association from clients using an ESSID of "any". Although the last two features are not part of any 802.11 standard, they're helpful for folks who want to get a little bit of extra security from casual wireless "doorknob rattlers".

But you're probably really interested in whether you can get 22Mbps throughput out of this box, so let's go find out!