HP Wireless LAN 54g W450/WL450 Driver and Utility for Win2000

HP Wireless LAN 54g W450/WL450 Driver for Win2000, Broadcom 802.11b and 802.11g Network Adapters Driver for Windows 2000

HP Wireless Lan 54g WL450

This contains the Windows 2000 driver for the HP Wireless LAN 54g WL450, Broadcom 802.11b, and Broadcom 54g MaxPerformance 802.11g adapters. Includes 802.11g compliance for supported adapters that are capable of 802.11g. Supports LEAP and other Cisco features (software supplicant required). Supports WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) -- software supplicant required.

This version introduces "125 High Speed Mode" support for the Broadcom 54g MaxPerformance 802.11g adapter.

HP Wireless LAN 54g W450/WL450 Driver for Win2000: Download sp28199.exe (3.3 MB)

Broadcom Wireless Utility

This package contains the Broadcom Wireless Utility for the listed adapters and operating systems.

The Broadcom Wireless Utility is a wireless LAN application that is used to configure the Broadcom wireless device installed in the notebook and to manage wireless network connections. The Broadcom Wireless Utility is required for users with the listed Broadcom adapters in order to connect to wireless networks that use Cisco Compatible Extensions. Users may also find the Broadcom Wireless Utility useful for advanced profile management, single-sign-on support, and advanced diagnostics.

Broadcom Wireless Utility: Download, sp31467.exe (18 MB)

Microsoft Windows 2000

Broadcom 802.11 a/b/g
Broadcom 802.11 b/g
Broadcom MaxPerformance 802.11g
HP Wireless LAN 54g WL450 Adapter