Actiontec 11M Wireless USB Adapter 802UAT1 Windows Drivers, Utility


AT76C503A based FastVNET USB 11M Network Adapter.

Device Name: Actiontec USB 802.11b WLAN Adapter-Am
Device ID: USB\VID_1668&PID_7605

Driver/Firmware Updates
2004-03-29Driver - 802UAT1 Wireless USB Adapter
There are drivers for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP included in this download.
2004-03-29Installer - 802UAT1 Wireless LAN Monitor
This software installs the Wireless LAN Monitor Utility for configuring the 11Mbps Wireless UISB Adapter (802UAT1). This Utility should be installed for systems running Windows 98, ME and 2000, but it is not for use on XP. When the 802UAT1 is installed on XP it should be managed using the built in XP utility.
2003-01-24ISO for 802UAT1 11b WiFi USB CD# 0410-0082-001
This is the ISO file (CD image) for the 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (802UAT1) CD v1.1.

User Manual - 802UAT1 11Mbps Wireless USBThis is the User Manual for the 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (802UAT1).
802UAT1 USB Driver Installation InstructionsInstructions for downloading and installing the 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (802UAT1).