Actiontec 54M Wireless USB Network Adapter 802UIG, 802UIG-1 Windows Drivers


* The 802UIG is compatible with Vista, but the software on the CD is not. Vista compatible drivers can be downloaded directly from the "Drivers" section of this support page. This is also true for the 802UIG-1 adapter.

The 802UIG supports WPA and WEP (64, 128 & 256bit) for wireless security. The 802UIG uses a Texas Instruments chipset.

Device Name: Actiontec 54Mbps USB Wireless Adapter
Device ID: USB\VID_1668&PID_1000, USB\VID_1668&PID_1050

Driver/Firmware Updates
2005-11-04Configuration Utility & Driver - 802UIG
The Configuration Utility and the Driver are combined in this one download. Running this application will install the driver and utility.
2004-08-18Driver (Only) - 802UIG
This is the USB driver for computer's running a 32-bit version of Vista. It is the same driver that is located on the product CD in folder 'miscsupport'. The file name for this driver ''. Instructions for using this driver to install the 802UIG on a computer running a 32-bit version of Vista, is posted with all of the other documentation for the 802UIG.
2004-03-31ISO for 802UIG-(1) CD# 0410-0113-001
This is the ISO file (CD image) for the 54 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (802UIG and 802UIG-1) CD v1.1.

User Manual - 802UIG USB Wireless AdapterThis is the User Manual for the 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (802UIG & 802UIG-1).
Vista Installation Instructions for the 802UIGThis is the Guide for installing the 802UIG USB Wireless Adapter on computer's running a 32-bit version of Vista, using the drivers located in the "\misc\support" folder of the product CD. The name of the driver is "".
Data Sheet - 802UIG,802UIG-1 USB Wireless AdapterThis is the Data Sheet for the 54G USB Wireless Adapter, 802UIG and 802UIG-1.