Asus SpaceLink WL-100 Wireless LAN PC Card Windows Drivers, Utility

Asus SpaceLink WL-100 WLAN PC Card


ASUS SpaceLink WL-100 WLAN PC Card: Wireless LAN is a new Local Area Network (WLAN) technology that does not need wire. It allows 11 megabit per second (Mbps) data transmission over the air, distance in indoor environment around 30 meter and reaching 120 meter in the open space.The WL-100 is equipped with one external mono-pole antenna to secure omni-directional coverage, while another internal diversity antenna is used to keep high receiving performance in fading environment.

Device Name: ASUS 802.11b Network Adapter

Supported Device ID:

ASUS WL-100 WLAN Card Driver for Win98SE/ME/2000/XP, Version,

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The ASUS WL-100 WLAN PCMCIA Card utility progrm in English, version,

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