Generic Atheros Series Wireless Network Adapter Win7 32/64bit Drivers, Ver.


17 thoughts on “Generic Atheros Series Wireless Network Adapter Win7 32/64bit Drivers, Ver.

  1. I have a atheros 5001X+ and i never can use it under WIN7.

    I found two drivers for W7 and they can’t do it.ا

    This card works normally under XP.

  2. same for me, no way to make atheros 9285 work with windows 7 64. Seems that once again microsoft has released a monument of crappy functions that will work when we will all have white hairs….or no more hairs at all

  3. Linock – I just bought an HP Pavillion Laptop in December and it has an atheros 9285 wireless card that works fine. I bought it with Windows 7 64-bit Home Pro. and changed it too Windows 7 Pro. After the change it used the generic windows driver without a problem until I downloaded all the update drivers for the computer. So you might check and see if you don’t have something else going on with your computer.

  4. I purchased a Gateway Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. My wireless network adapter is AR5B93. I cannot get it to connect to anything but a NETGEAR router. Have any suggestions on what to do at this point ?

  5. I have Windows 7 Starter in Netbook Toshiba NB305 whith Atheros AR 9285 and I can’t connect with Netrgear Access Point WG 102. Have any solutions?


  6. plz help how can i download it so is jest get downloaded my wirelles adapter had problems so i delete it and i had atheros but not im chrying to download a new 1 so my wirelles interrnet can still work

  7. my laptop runs W7 home premium 86x and with my old router my AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter worked perfectly, but since we got 40mb internetspeed my wireless is pretty trashed, it takes like 10minutes to load the starting page, and thats just google

  8. Hi, i have a pavillion 4065si
    had a blue screen ndis.sys BSOD the other day, so i was reinstalling with manufacter drivers… one of them is Atheros 9285… now it doesnt find any network…

    In process also I resolved the Stuttering and slow downs problems in games, by installing graphics drivers from AMD and not using RAZER MICE with windows 7, now i cant get my wireless to work.

    Trying to install drivers from atheros websites or moving back to previous versions of drivers to see if it works…oooh Laptops…theres always something that doenst work…

  9. re: AR5005GS Wireless Network Adapter

    Looking for guidance for updating my wireless router to a “N” from a “Linksys 2.4GHz Wireless-G”

    Signal strength is weak on the other side of my house.


  10. I have Windows 7 Starter in Notebook Aspireone with Atheros AR5B95 work normally. When I install this driver, I got a blue screen after the program is running about 3 minutes..
    The notebook just restart itself. When I get into the login screen, type in my password, it give me a bule screen again.., so I just go to safe mode and go here “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery\Advanced Recovery Methods” return my pc to factory condition..(just paste it to the URL field, don’t include “” )
    Thank god, they have a recovery system.. so I can post something here..

  11. I have a compaq with an Atheros 5007a/g wireless card. bought a new Cisco dual band N router. can’t connect to the internet only local connection. I need the drivers update to make the atheros compatible with dual band N router. where can”t i get the download update? pleas help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ben mcafee ınternet security 2011 kullanıyorum bilgisayarım a format cektim ve programınızı tekrar kurdum ama bu abonelik için lisans kalmamış diyor etkinleştirme yapın diyor ?

  13. this downloaded driver made my windows7 OS emachines unit crash… :/ i don’t know why… 🙁

  14. the problem is a known bug with these cards they dont like wpa or any encryption unsecure your network and you will see the card will connect with no problem.. this is why i was looking for a driver update the problem is antheros are cheap cards

  15. these drivers will allow you to connect to wifi channels 1-13 so its world friendly 😛

  16. I had a problem with a weak signal, so i went into add/remove programs and noticed that the old driver was still listed. I uninstalled the old driver and reinstalled the new one, and Voila, the signal went back up.

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