Atheros WLAN Chipset/Product for Home, Office and Metro Wi-Fi



Performance Innovation

Atheros is leading the WLAN performance innovation curve with our 802.11n XSPAN with Signal-Sustain Technology which delivers ~50% greater throughput at range versus conventional 2x2 MIMO solutions.  In fact, we have a history of looking for the most novel ways of delivering the very best wireless performance. We invented the first standards-enhanced WLAN technologies with Super G and Super AG, the only solutions to deliver 108 Mbps and use 40 MHz channel operation--now standardized with 11n.  Atheros XR  (eXtended Range) offers more than 2 times the range of standard 802.11g and a/g solutions, leveraging our Extreme Receive Sensitivity.

Enhanced Features

In addition to providing superior throughput and range, Atheros WLAN solutions for the home and office offer ease of use and interoperability with other networking solutions.

JumpStart for Wireless ™ enables the user to setup an Atheros-based network with the press of a button.  And, it will interoperate with any wireless device that is certified for Wi-Fi Protected Setup ™.  This enhancement makes it easy to add a wide of array of devices to your JumpStart-established personal wireless network such as  cellular and VoIP phones, digital cameras, MP3s, digital media players, gaming devices and set-top boxes.

To enable seamless operation with the state-of-the-art Vista™ computing platform, Microsoft has selected Atheros’ WLAN solutions for the home and office. The benefit is a reliable and richer user media experience.

Atheros Products

A. WLAN for Home, Office and Metro Wi-Fi

1. AR9002 Product Family: AR9002WB-1NGB, AR9285, AR9002AP-1S, AR9002AP-4XHG, AR9002AP-4XHF

2. AR9001 Product Family: AR9001AP-3NG and AR9001AP-2NG, AR9001AP-3NX and AR9001AP-2NX, AR9001AP-3NX2, AR9001U-2NX, AR9001U-2NG and AR900U-NG, AR7100 Wireless Network Processors

3. AR5008 Product Family: AR5008-3NG and AR5008AP-3NG, AR5008-3NX and AR5008AP-3NX, AR5008E-3NG, AR5008E-3NX, AR5008-2NG and AR5008AP-2NG, AR5008-2NX and AR5008AP-2NX, AR7100 Wireless Network Processors

4. AR5007 Product Family: AR5007G, AR5007EG, AR5007AP-G

5. AR5006 Product Family: AR5006EXS, AR5006EGS, AR5006XS, AR5006X, AR5006AP-GS, AR5006AP-G

6. AR5005 Product Family: AR5005VA, AR5005VL, AR5005G Client, AR5005GS Client, AR5005UX USB 2.0, AR5005UG USB 2.0

7. AR5002 Product Family: AR5002X, AR5002G, AR5002AP-2X access point

B. Atheros ROCm® for Mobile WLAN: AR6002, AR6001XL, AR6001GL, AR6101X, AR6101G

C. ROCm Bluetooth by Atheros: AR3011

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  1. Atheros ar9002wd-1ngb PCI card is difficult to detect & configure through win7 home premium for acer iconia tab w500. wireless & bluetooth always problem. driver download and installed but still the device not display at Device Manager and wireless/blueetooth connection cannot established. Please give help and suggestion..

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