Avaya Wireless LAN PCI/USB/PC Card Adapter Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Driver, Utility

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Avaya Wireless PC Card – Gold, Avaya Wireless PC Card – Silver

Device Name: Avaya Wireless PC Card
Hardware ID: PCMCIA\Avaya_Communication-Avaya_Wireless_PC_CARD-4A27

Device Name: Avaya NCR WaveLAN/IEEE PC Card

Avaya USB Wireless Client Adapter:

Avaya Wireless USB PC Card – Gold, Avaya Wireless USB PC – Silver,

Avaya Wireless Client Card CC-11b

Hardware ID: USB\Vid_0D98&Pid_0300, USB\Vid_0D9E&Pid_0300

Avaya Wireless PC Card & USB Adapter Driver, Utility for Windows XP:

Download 1, Download 2 (5.92 MB)

This file contains the Avaya Wireless SR0201 Release of Windows XP PC Card & USB drivers and client software. Included is the version 2.92 Client Manager, version 7.62 PC Card & USB drivers. Integrated into the PC Card & USB drivers is the version 8.58 client firmware. Enhancements in this release include increasing the initial transmit rate from 2mbit to 11mbit and a change in the client device LED behavior for better understanding of the actual state of the wireless client device.


For Win2000, Avaya Wireless Windows 2000 Drivers: Download

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For Win98, Avaya Wireless Windows 98 Drivers: Download

For Linux: Avaya Wireless Linux Driver, Download

Avaya Wireless PCI Card(ORiNOCO labeled) Windows 98/NT/2000 Driver, Utility: Download

Avaya Wireless PCI Adapter Software, Version: 5.02b.

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  1. hola busco los driver del avaya wireless world card 11mb/s silver
    s/n: 02UT8332506
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