Belkin Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset F8T061 Overview


Part # F8T061uk

The Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset from Belkin offers the breakthrough Bluetooth wireless technology that lets you create efficient communications with your Bluetooth technology-enabled phone. As long as your phone includes built-in Bluetooth technology, you can use the Headset to make and receive calls with the touch-of-a-button-even while your phone is stowed away in your pocket, briefcase, or purse. Designed to provide the comfort of hands-free communication easily, the Headset lets you activate calls with the answer/end button on your earpiece, and works from up to 30 feet from your phone.
The Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset from Belkin features a lightweight (less than 20 grams), boomless design engineered to deliver enhanced audio clarity.

Advantages :
• Frees your hands for the ease and safety of wireless phone conversations
• Works for Internet chat and telephony, speech recognition, music, and multimedia games
• Allows up to 5 hours of talk time, 120 hours of standby time
• Features easy-to-use controls
• Comfortable-SoftHold™ ear hook fits either ear
• Clear-High-quality sound
• Compact-Convenient, lightweight design
• Cordless-Freedom from the tangled mess of wires
• Comes with a Belkin 2-Year Warranty
Compatible with phones enabled with Bluetooth v1.1, including but not limited to:
• * Ericsson®T68, T39m, R520m
* Motorola® 270c, 280
* Nokia® 6310, 8910, 3650, N-Gage™
* Philips® Fisio® 820, 825
* Sony Ericsson® T68i, T610, T616, P800
* Siemens® S55