Compex Wi-Fi Driver Download

WCF11WCF11 Wireless CF Driver Disk 05/02Download
WCF11WCF11 Utility Disk05/03Download
WCF11AWCF11A Drivers & Utility for Win98/Me/2k/XP08/03Download
WCF11AWCF11A Drivers for WinCE05/04Download
WL11AWL11A Wireless PCMCIA Driver 20020107 Disk 1 01/02Download
WL11AWL11A Wireless PCMCIA Driver 20020107 Disk 201/02Download
WL11A+Linux Driver Release Disk 10/03Download
WL11A+WL11A+ Driver Disk 20021017 (File Size: 7.3MB)12/02Download
WL11A+WL11A+ Utility Disk 20021017 (File Size: 5.25MB) 12/02Download
WL11B+Linux Driver Release Disk 10/03Download
WL11B+WL11B+ Driver & Utility Disk (Size: 40MB)11/03Download
WL11B+Windows NT Driver Release Disk08/03Download
WL54GWL54G Driver & Utility Disk with Prism Nitro Support11/03Download
WL54G (1A)WL54G (1A) Driver & Utility for Win98/Me/2k/XP08/04Download
WLP54GWLP54G Driver & Utility for Win98/Me/2k/XP12/04Download
WLU108GWLU108G Driver & Utility Disk10/05Download
WLU108GWLU108G Driver & Utility for Win98 & ME09/05Download
WLU11AWLU11A (Version: Mod 2) RedHat Linux Drivers 11/03Download
WLU11AWLU11A (Version: Mod 3) Driver & Utility Disk 20040216 (File Size: 4.28MB)03/04Download
WLU11AWLU11A (Version: Mod 2 & 3) Driver & Utility Disk 2004072310/04Download
WLU11AWLU11A Wireless USB Driver v1.1.2.2201/02Download
WLU11AWLU11A Wireless USB Adpater Utility v3.1.4.502/02Download
WLU11AWLU11A Driver & Utility Disk 20030107 (File Size: 5.34MB)01/03Download
WLU54GWLU54G (Version: 2A1100) Driver & Utility Disk 05012601/05Download
WLU54GWLU54G (Version: 1A1100) Driver Release Disk 2004052705/04Download
WP11WavePort WP11 Configuration Utility07/01Download

One thought on “Compex Wi-Fi Driver Download

  1. Hello,

    I am installing Win 7 and I have a Compex WLP54G 1A v1.1.0 networkcard. Is there a driver for this card. When I use the original CD there is a message “can’t find the driver”. Whichone can I use.

    Thank you for your help

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