Conceptronic C300RI_V3 Wireless 300N PCI Card Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Driver,Utility


Mobile and fast network connection without any cables. With this wireless 300Mbps internal PCI card it is possible to connect a desktop computer to a wireless 300 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 54 Mbps or 11 Mbps network.

  • A range that is up to 14 times faster and up to 6 times more efficient than 54G
  • Fully compatible with 802.11b (11Mbps) and 802.11g (54Mbps)
  • Security : WPA2 / WPA / WEP / WPS

Conceptronic C300RI_V3 Wireless PCI card is based on the Ralink 11n wireless chipset.

Device Name: Conceptronic Wireless 300N PCI-Card (v3.0)
Hardware ID:
PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0781&SUBSYS_27901814, PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0601&SUBSYS_28601814
PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0681&SUBSYS_28601814, PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_30901814

Conceptronic C300RI_V3 300Mbps PC card Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Driver, Utility:

Download C300Ri Version 3.0 Driver and Utility, Release Date: 12 May 2010, 20.4MB

Support O/S: Windows 2000, XP 32/64bit, Vista 32/64bit, Win 7 32/64bit;