D-Link DWL-120 Wireless USB Network Adapter Different Versions

The DWL-120 is a high-performance Wireless USB Network Adapter. It delivers 11Mbps (Megabits per second), making the DWL-120 the fastest Wireless Network Adapter on the market today. The USB interface makes the DWL-120 easy to install and use. The DWL-120 wireless adapter allows you to share hard disk drives, DVD/CD-ROM drives, Zip drives, printers and provides shared access to an analog, Cable, or DSL modem for Internet access.

Please visit: http://support.dlink.com/products/dwl120.asp for the pictures on the different revisions of the DWL-120.

There are five different versions of the DWL-120 that fall into four different categories of DWL-120; DWL-120, DWL-120A, DWL-120D and the DWL-120E1. The DWL-120A actually contains the DWL-120A and DWL-120B they use the same version of drivers.

This version of DWL-120 does not support Windows XP. It will work in Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, Windows ME and Windows 2000.
*Has an exclamation mark
*Does not have a revision number.
*This model is not supported for Windows XP.

The DWL-120a can be identified as matching one of the three diagrams below.
*Has a check mark
*One version of the DWL-120a has no revision while the other two can be identified as having a revision of either A1 or B2.
*This model is compatible with Windows XP.

*Has a check mark
*Also has a revision of D1
*This model is compatible with Windows XP.

The DWL-120e has a completely different case. It s sliver rather than gray.

Download D-Link DWL-120 Wireless USB Network Adapter Windows Driver: Click Here