EnGenius EUB-362 Ext High-Power Wireless G USB Adapter Windows Driver, Utility


EnGenius EUB-362 Ext USB Adapter

Ultra Long Range Wireless USB Adapter for Laptops and Desktops

For people who require the maximum range and performance, the EUB-362 EXT High-Power Long Range Wireless G USB Adapter is the solution with its High-Power, 200mW power output, unparalleled recieve sensitivity, removeable antenna, and rich features. Supporting features such as industry standard wireless security, the EUB-362 EXT will satisfy the needs for all types of users. Experience the best wireless connectivity available with the built-in Dynamic Frequency Selection and power control.

Key Features

  • High Output Power up to 25 dBm.
  • High Speed Data Rate up to 108 Mbps in Super G mode (requires matching router)
  • Removable Antenna (SMA RF Connector)

Download EnGenius EUB-362 Wireless G USB Adapter Windows Driver, Utility:

EUB Driver for Windows 98/ME

EUB V2.1 Driver for Windows 2000/XP

EUB Windows 7 Driver (Manual Install Required)

EUB Windows Vista Driver V1.0.3 (32&64 bit)

22 thoughts on “EnGenius EUB-362 Ext High-Power Wireless G USB Adapter Windows Driver, Utility

    1. Go to Start and right-click on “Computers” and select “Manage”. This will bring the “Computer Management” window, select “Device Manager” on the left sidebar. Right click on the device who’s driver you want to install, then click “Update Driver Software”, Once you are done. It will open a windows, You have two options here, if you want to install a driver that came with your device or hardware, then select Browse my computer for driver software. Click Browse and locate your driver, once it’s done simply click Next and Windows 7 will start installing the driver.

  1. Sir,
    regarding the installation for EnGenius EUB-362 Wireless G USB Adapter driver for Windows7 manually, i followed your steps until the >>> RIGHT CLICK on the device who’s driver you want to install<<>>Generic USB hub
    >>>USB Mass Storage Device
    >>>USB root hub
    >>> USB composite device

    which one must i choose to Right click then click “update Driver Software”

    Pls advise
    Thank You Very Much

  2. I have hp pavilion dv4,wit widow 7 ,I cannot install my wireless lan Engenus usb2.0 ,niether the system recognizeit?Please Advice.

  3. Sir, can you give me the definition of Wireless USB Adapter senao EnGenius EUB-362 Ext 802.11 b/g Driver 2.0 (32 bit) for Windows 7

  4. hi, i have a adapter wireless Engenius IEEE 802.11 b/g, and i need the driver to install…. you have link??

  5. hi, i wish to know where i could download windows vista driver, because my cd driver hasn´t client utility support for this windows. thanks

  6. Sir i have engenius senao wirless lan usb2.0 adpater antena but i dont have software cd , how can i download from internet software ?

  7. Senao EUB-362 EXT haven´t at the moment any windows 7 driver. Latest driver is for Vista 32&64 bits but can be installed manually on 7.
    The chipset is a renamed Zydas 1211Zb (Atheros AR5523) and latest avaible driver is the Atheros AR5007 UG from 2009.
    This driver works but don´t at full pontencial of the chipset because lower signals are displayed on the wifi panel and seems like transmit power are less than 1/4 normal signal. Long ratio falls dramatically and only can be used for short distances or strong incoming ratio signals.

  8. Hi, Download EnGenius EUB-362 Wireless G USB Adapter Windows Driver, Utility for Windows 7 64 bits : I can download the files, but nothing happens when I do the manual install. The sottware does not work. Why ? Thank you.

  9. Hi, the client utility software for EUB-362 of my installation CD does not work with Windows 7 64 bits. Have you a new version for that client utility compatible with Windows 7 64 bits and a place where I can download it ?

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