Epson (V12H306P11) Wireless 802.11g/b/a Module for Projector Overview


Epson Wireless Module (V12H306P11)


This high-speed, wireless network adapter plugs directly into select Epson projectors allowing quick and easy access to the LAN or peer-to-peer networks without wires or cables. When used with Epson Easy MP Monitor and Network Projection software, users can remotely access and control projectors over the wireless LAN.

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11g/b/a standards
  • Uses USB type A connector
  • Data rates up to 54Mbps
  • Supports 64/128-Bit WEP, WPA2 Security

Note: When used with the BrightLink Interactive projector, the Wireless 802.11g/b/a adapter allows for wireless network connection and management of the projector. Use of the BrightLink USB cable is still required for interactive functionality.

How to set up a wireless projector on an wireless infrastructure network?

In order to set up a connection between your projector and a computer, you must install the Wireless LAN unit in the projector. Also, install EasyMP Network Projection (formerly EMP NS Connection) from the supplied EPSON Projector Software for Meeting & Presentation CD-ROM onto your computer. To use the full EasyMP functions, install all the software from the CD-ROM. See your projector's User Guide and EasyMP Guide for help.

There are two methods of connecting the projector and a computer via a network by using EMP NS Connection; 'Advanced Connection Mode' and 'Quick Connection Mode'.

Advanced Connection Mode is an infrastructure connection, and connects to an existing network system via a network cable. If you install the Wireless LAN unit, in the projector, you can connect to the network via a wireless LAN access point. Advantages of this mode include:

  • From a conference room, you can open and project a file stored on a computer or file server in another room.
  • You can use the Internet.
  • You can monitor and control projector's on a network from the computer.

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