SIEMENS Wireless Gigaset USB Adapter 108 Windows Drivers, Utility

SIEMENS Gigaset 802.11bg USB Adapter 108

High-speed wireless connectivity, With the Gigaset USB Adapter 108, you are really independent:  You can surf the Net wherever you are – in your house and even at public hotspots if you connect the adapter to your laptop. The Gigaset USB Adapter 108 is small and beautifully designed. It ensures data transfer at up to 108 Mbps.

  • Wireless internet access for desktop or laptop computers
  • High-speed wireless data transfer at up to 108 Mbps (Super G, compatible with IEEE 802.11g/b)
  • Small size, clear design
  • Easy to install; compatible with all Gigaset routers
  • Comprehensive security features (WPA2, WPA, 64/128 bit WEP)
  • Range up to 30 m indoors, up to 300 m outdoors
  • Connects to a USB 2.0 port (compatible with USB 1.1)

Device Name: Gigaset USB Adapter 108

Hardware ID: USB\VID_129B&PID_160C

SIEMENS Gigaset USB Adapter 108 Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista Drivers and Utility:

Download (version, 9.85 MB)

Changes in the version:

  • Windows Vista 32 / 64 is supported
  • DHCP problems under Windows 98 / ME solved

Gigaset USB Adapter 108, Gigaset PC Card 108 User guide English (pdf): Download

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  1. salve il mio pc non riconosce il dispositivo dove trovo il driver da scaricare per win7

    hi my pc does not recognize the device where do I find the drivers to download for win7

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