Motorola/Netopia 3-D Reach Wireless USB Adapter (TER/GUSB2-N1) Windows Driver, Utility


Netopia GUSB2-N1

Motorola 3-D Reach Wireless Adapters allow laptop and desktop computers to securely connect to wireless networks using the 802.11b/g standard. Available in either PC Card or USB adapter form factors, the adapters support the latest in wireless features, security, and quality of service, including support for Windows Vista. Support for Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi  Protected Access, and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 offer robust security, while new Quality of Service (QoS) features assist in the delivery of quality- sensitive applications. Power-saving features such as Wi-Fi Multimedia-Power Saving (WMM-PS) and transmit power control help to conserve laptop battery life.

The 3-D Reach Wireless Adapters are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED and seamlessly connect to any 802.11b/g wireless router or gateway at speeds of up to 54 Mbps, providing high-performance connectivity to all types of broadband networks and delivering the ultimate triple-play wireless experience for video, voice, and data.

Device Name: Wireless USB Card
Hardware ID: USB\VID_148F&PID_9021

Download Motorola/Netopia TER/GUSB2-N1 3-D Reach Wireless USB Adapter Windows Drivers:

Windows Vista Drivers
Windows XP Driver
Windows 7 Driver
Windows 2000 Driver
Windows 98 Driver
Windows ME Driver

Motorola/Netopia TER/GUSB2-N1 USB Card Wireless Utility for Windows

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  1. Flesh eating viruses are no context for the nutopia adaptor card. The usage is seamless throughout hre browsing experience on any dsl. Recommended!

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