Nokia C110/C111 802.11b Wireless LAN Card Windows/Linux Drivers, Utility


Nokia C110 Wireless Adapter

The Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN Card easily transforms your laptop into a mobile multimedia workstation. Within a designated coverage area, you can enjoy 11Mbit/s broadband access to a local area network (LAN)and its services, such as e-mail, databases, and the Internet. The Nokia C110/C111 features a versatile smart card reader. A smart card can store vital information, such as security keys and personal network configuration profiles that make user authentication reliable and moving between networks easy. The smart card reader also provides a platform for company-tailored smart card applications, such as securing personal laptop data and storing e-cash. The Nokia C110/C111 communicates with the wired networks via radio access points and also supports ad hoc networking between laptops.

Device Name: Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN Card

Hardware ID: PCMCIA\Nokia-C110/C111_Wireless_LAN_Card-96CD

Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN Card Installation Program for Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000 v.5.08.228

en_setup1.exe, 3.19 MB | English

Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN Card Installation Program for Linux (v. 2.00)

nokia_c110-linux-2.05.tar.gz, 769.00 KB | English

nokia_c110-linux-2.05-bin.tar.gz, 66.00 KB | English

Download both packages into your computer and unpack. For more specific instructions please download also the Support Guide.

c110_linux_guide.pdf, 737.00 KB | English

Nokia C110/C111 Wireless LAN Card User's Guide,

C110-C111_usersguide_en.pdf, 966.00 KB | English

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