Ralink Wireless LAN Card Drivers, Software for Mac OS 10.3/10.4/10.5



Ralink is a world leader in 802.11x technology. The product lines are Wi-Fi Certified and widely used in today's traditional Local Area Networks to connect desktop computers and notebooks to each other, and to the Internet through wireless gateways and access points. Ralink 802.11x technology also provides convenient wireless connectivity from computing devices to peripherals such as printers and network attached storage. Ralink-based designs deliver reliability, performance and Wi-Fi range that is second to none.

Apple Macintosh users have applauded our support of their unique OS. We continue to offer our latest drivers and support packages for our friends in the Macintosh world.

Download Ralink Wireless LAN Card Drivers, Software for Mac OS 10.3/10.4/10.5:

Ralink Part NumberDateVersionOS
USB(RT2870 /RT2770 /RT307X /RT2070 /RT3572)10/29/2010

Driver :
Ra UI :

USB(RT257X/RT2671/RT2500)04/13/2010Driver: V1.3.0.0
Ra UI: V3.0.0.0

Tips: If you have any wi-fi adapter based on the Ralink chipset and couldn’t find the relevant official Mac OS driver, you should try the aboved Ralink common generic MacOS drivers.

9 thoughts on “Ralink Wireless LAN Card Drivers, Software for Mac OS 10.3/10.4/10.5

  1. Well, I tried both USB version drivers for this Ralink unit (D-Link DWA-125) and it doesn’t work! The computer shows it up as a device in the USB bus but the software keeps saying “no device.” I am running OS version 10.4.11 which is the newest one I can use on this PPC G-4 Mac. Is there perhaps an earier driver software that I need to find, or should I give up and go looking for an old Airport card?

  2. Can you please re-upload USB(RT2870 /RT2770 /RT307X /RT2070 /RT3572) because i have a DLink DWA 125 and an Emac and I tried downloading that driver and it said ERROR FILE NOT FOUND, the two links although irrelevant to what I need, below it are working fine. Send us an email when you get around to it ayy, dying to be able to use this bloomen card with my mac.

  3. Are there drivers around for the DLink DWA-125 for a MAC. I’m on a mac pro OS 10.5.8. The man in the store said the DLink DWA-125 would be compatible and that there would be drivers on the internet for MAC.

    Gotta love them sales people.

  4. The D-Link DWA-125 uses the Ralink RT2870 chip set. The problem is that the driver above is for a different chip set. After some search I managed to find the proper driver from the Ralink web site:
    or try: http://www.ralinktech.com/license_us.php?n=3&p=0&t=U0wyRnpjMlYwY3k4eU1ERXdMekExTHpFeUwyUnZkMjVzYjJGa05EazBNVGs1TkRZNE9DNWtiV2M5UFQxU1ZGVlRRaUJFTWpnM01DMHpMakF1TUM0d0lGVkpMVE11TUM0d0xqQmZNakF4TUY4d05WOHhNZz09Qw%3D%3D

    The file name needs to contain the 2870 representing the chip set. After installing it, you then have to go to “Preferences” and select the “network” menu and select the proper input type.

  5. I bought the Ralink 802.11 b/g/n wireless usb adaptor for my Macbook, which has OS X
    It came with a micro CD which doesn’t fit in my laptop and I really need to find the correct driver. So far I’ve been looking online but there doesn’t seem to be one that works. Please help!

  6. Will~
    where is “Preferences” and “network” menu??
    i can’t find it.
    you’re saying Ralink WirelessUtility? right?

  7. is there any working driver of ralink rt61 wifi adapter for mac os x 10.5 or above the ralink gave the driver but it was not working………plz help..

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