SMC2402W EZ Connect Turbo Wireless PCI Card Windows Driver, Utility



SMC2402W, EZ Connectâ„¢ Turbo Wireless PCI Card, 802.11b 11/22 Mbps Wireless PCI Card

The EZ Connect Turbo 11/22 Mbps Auto-Sensing Wireless PCI Card (SMC2402W) is an IEEE 802.11b standards-based Wireless PCI Adapter, which supports data rates up to 22 Mbps. This high-performance adapter is perfect for both the home and business users. The EZ Connect Turbo PCI Card supports a maximum operating range of 1155 feet. To achieve the turbo data transfer rates this adapter uses a new technology called Packet Binary Convolution Code (PBCC) modulation. This technology allows the EZ Connect turbo line to support throughput up to 22 Mbps and provides an automatic fallback feature that helps maintain the connection. This Auto-Fallback feature supports 22, 11, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps transmission speeds.

Device Name: SMC2402W 22 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

Device ID: PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8400&SUBSYS_850216AB

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01/01/20043.0.0.12256 kbSMC2402W/SMC2435w Driver
01/01/20043.0.0.0b2256 kbSMC2435W and SMC2402W 11b+ Driver version
with 4x faster option