SparkLan WCFM-100 Wireless CF Card Adapter WinCE, Linux Drivers

Sparklan WCFM-100

SparkLAN WCFM-100 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps CF card adapter lets your PDA devices carry wireless network to anyplace no matter where you go. With the WCFM-100 CF card adapter-enabled in your Pocket PC (PPC), you can synchronize your PC’s outlook folder, journal, email, contact list, music, or document wirelessly. WCFM-100 CF card adapter liberates you from the confines of the cord and enjoys the extreme mobility. Certainly, it adds the flexibility to connect internet with the CF card adapter-equipped handheld devices. It is designed for travelers and business users while they frequently check schedule, contact list, or surfing the web to look for instant information anywhere.


  • Interface: Compact Flash
  • Up to 54Mbps
  • Security: 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, 802.1x
  • Windows CE4.2/5.0, Linux
  • Ideal for Pocket PC (PPC)

Download SparkLAN WCFM-100 Wireless 802.11g CF card Win/Linux Drivers:

Linux driver  V5.0.11.p0-200:  Download

WinCE 4.2 Driver V1.0.0.27.p3:  Download

WinCE 5.0 Driver  V5.0.21.p1-27.p28:  Download

SparkLAN WCFM-100 User's Manual:  Download