Asus WL-161 USB Pen Type 802.11b WLAN Adapter Windows Driver, Utility


Asus WL-161

WL-161 USB Pen Type WLAN Adapter

  • Supports 11 Mbps data rate with automatic fallback to 5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps Data Rate
  • Supports the IEEE 802.11/802.11b Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Specification.
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b CSMA/CA Specification.
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b CCK Modulation Method for 11Mbps & 5.5Mbps
  • Support Full Mobility and Seamless Roaming across Wireless Routers.
  • Driver Supports Microsoft Windows 98, 98se, ME, 2000, XP

Device Hardware Info:

Device Name: ASUS 802.11b Wireless LAN Adapter
Device ID: USB\VID_2821&PID_0161

The ASUS WL-161 USB adapter driver and utility progrm in Multilingual version (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spain, France, German, Italy, and Japanese) for Win2k/WinXP, version 1.04.

The ASUS WL-161 USB pen type adapter utility progrm in Multilingual version for Win2k/WinXP. SiS 162 usb Wireless LAN Adapter Driver.

Download 1, Download 2, [ File Size: 4.2 (MBytes), 2004/11/29 update ]

The ASUS WL-161 USB pen type adapter Linux driver.(Kernel 2.4.5 and Redhat 9.0) ,

Download 1, Download 2 [ File Size: 3.47 (MBytes), 2005/01/18 update ]

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