Add your unknown bluetooth device to BlueSoleil Software

 ▼ Express Install.

For most of experienced users of BlueSoleil, it is not convenient to click many times 'next' button to finish
the installation of BlueSoleil. Therefore, you can now add the following to the setup.ini to skip
this process.


 ▼ Add new type USB dongle.

When you plug in a new type USB dongle, but BlueSoleil shows the message that no hardware is detected.
It means that the BlueSoleil can not support this hardware. May be you can solve this problem by adding
its PID&VID as following:
1. Please add PID&VID to <bluesoleil installation dest dir>\bttl.ini

Type=Bluetooth USB Device
2. Add 1 for the value of NUM

NUM=24  <-------- e.g. change from 23 to 24

3. Please add to <windows\inf>\btcusb.inf


%DeviceDesc%=Btusb_DDI, USB\VID_0123&PID_4567

1. For the devices that IVT has not tested, IVT does not guarantee that it can run with BlueSoleil.
2. If manufactures want BlueSoleil to support their devices, it is suggested that the sample devices should be sent to IVT and IVT will test the hardware and add their PID&VID to BlueSoleil.

 ▼ Copy your files during the installation of BlueSoleil.

Please read copyfile.ini to do this.

 ▼ Install HID Service.

Before runing setup.exe, please rename the file of Setup_HIDService.ini to setup.ini.

IVT Corporation

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