Corega CG-WLPCI54AG2 A/B/G PCI Wireless LAN Adaptor Windows Drivers, Utility


Corega CG-WLPCI54AG2 is wireless LAN adaptor for PCI bus corresponding to the IEEE802.11a/g/b standard. The bracket for the low profile is attached, and can be used with the personal computer equipped with all Peripheral Component Interconnect buses. This product is an international average It corresponds to IEEE802.11a, and eight channels in total that newly add four channels of 5.25-5.35 belts in addition to four channels of 802.11a past standard 5.15-5.25GHz can be used, and it adjusts to various wireless LAN environments flexibly.  The chip made by the Atheros company is adopted in a wireless chip, and it corresponds to "Super AG" high-speed forwarded by compressing "eXtended Range(XR)" and data that extends the reception distance. A steady communication and the high-speed communication have been achieved.

Device Name: CG-WLCB54GL2

Device Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0302&SUBSYS_C11B1259

Corega CG-WLPCI54AG2 A/B/G PCI Wireless LAN Adaptor Drivers:

for Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE: Download 1, Download 2 (Ver 1.3 pl2, 15.4MB);

for Windows Vista Drivers: Download 1, Download 2 (Ver.1.0, 12.98MB) ;

for Windows XP SP3 (Service Pack 3): Download 1, Download 2 (Ver 1.3 pl2, 537KB);