ICOM UX-136 2.4GHz WLAN PCMCIA Adapter Windows 95/98 Drivers


icom ux-136

Mobility network! 2.4GHz SS wireless LAN card.

Product details

  • Body: UX-136
  • Types of radio wave: Spread Spectrum
  • Center frequency: 2484MHz
  • Data rate: 1M, 2Mbps
  • Transmission distance: Room engagement 50m, open space around 200m (2Mbps transmission)
  • Software OS: Windows (R) 95
  • Host Interface: PC Card Standard ('95)
  • Accessories: 3.5 inch FD (utility software)

Device Name: ICOM UX-136 PCMCIA Adapter
Hardware ID: PCMCIA\AMD-AM79C930-C53D

ICOM UX-136 PCMCIA WLAN Adapter Windows 95/98 Drivers:

Download 1, Download 2 (Ver. 1.53. Release date: 1999/08/03)

The driver also support ICOM UX-138 ISA PnP Adapter (Hardware ID: "ISAPNP\ADV30C9").

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