MSI Btoes 2.0 Bluetooth USB Adapter (MS-6970A) Windows Drivers, Software

MSI BToes 2.0

Product ID: MS-6970A

Hardware ID: USB\Vid_0db0&Pid_6970

IVT BlueSoleil Driver for Windows XP, Vista:

(Support: Btoes 2.0 ver.587-CI )

Download (26446KB)

Driver Version:, Support Windows XP/Vista 32/64bit

Update Date: 2007-04-27

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Dongle Driver for Windows Vista 32/64bit:

Support Model: BToes2.0 476-BW, Starkey Ver. 111 , Starkey 2.0 Ver.222-BW

Download (46111KB)

Driver Version:,

Note:The best audio transmission quality (A2DP function) can be performed best on BToes 2.0 (ver. 476-BW) and Star Key 2.0 (ver.222-BW).

Update Date: 2007-03-19

IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth Software, Driver for MSI Btoes 2.0:

Support Model: MS-6967 ver 143; Btoes ver.254-CI; Btoes 2.0 ver.476-CI; Btoes 2.0 ver.587-CI

Download (26611KB)

Version:, OS: Win Server 2003/WinXP SP1,SP2/2000/ME/98SE.

Support: NOKIA PC suite ver. 6.5 or above, Update Date: 2005-06-29

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    there is no possibility for me to find any driver for the MSI MS 6970 Bluetooth and Windows Vista 64.
    I would be very happy if you could help. Thank you and
    Best regards
    Josef Nemec

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