Nokia D311 802.11b WLAN/GPRS PC Card Windows 2000/XP Drivers, Connection Manager


Nokia D311 WLAN/GPRS PC Card

The Nokia D311 is a multimode radio card that enables you to connect wirelessly to a corporate network or to the Internet. The Nokia D311 is the first Nokia product for the US market that combines GPRS and wireless LAN.

  • Mobile data connectivity through GPRS, GSM Data, or wireless LAN depending on the network availability
  • SMS/chat application and GSM fax
  • Compatible with portable devices with type II PC card slot

Wireless Connectivity

  • Up to 40.2 kilobits per second in GPRS networks
  • Up to 14.4 kilobits per second in GSM networks
  • Up to 11 megabits per second in wireless LAN networks

Device Name: Nokia D311
Hardware ID: PCMCIA\Nokia-D311-CA98

Nokia D311 WLAN/GPRS PC Card Win2000/XP Driver, and Quicklink Mobile Cingular Wireless Internetet Connection manager. Versions: 3.5.2 (2 Dec 2004).

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