SparkLan WCM-110 Ethernet Client Adapter, AP Client User Manual


SparkLan WCM-110 Ethernet Client Adapter, Smart Client, AP Client

  • Interface: 1 LAN
  • Up to 54Mbps
  • Security: 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Multi-modes: Ethernet adapter, AP
  • Driver-free client adapter
  • Ideal for hotel or library guest

SparkLAN WCM-110 802.11g Wireless Client Adapter (Smart Client/AP Client) allows your laptop, desktop, stereo, printer, projector, game console (Xbox or PlayStataion2), workstation, audio or other consumer electronics connect internet wirelessly through their Ethernet port.

No driver is required: WCM-110 simplifies the way user set up their wireless network while no driver installation is required.

SparkLan WCM-110 User's Manual: Download
SparkLan WCM-110 Quick Installation Guide: Download

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  1. I have been trying to download sparklan WCM-110 quick installation guide. It keeps stopping saying that the web is slow. Then you have to retry and it will download about 30 to 40 klb. and the download is about 2.5 mb. The web site is running to slow for you to download. What else can I do?

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