Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Wireless LAN Module Windows Drivers, Software

Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Module:

Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Module


The MultiPort dramatically enhances the customer experience with a refreshing approach to wireless design, performance, and connectivity - evolving mobile computing. The Compaq 802.11b MultiPort can be used worldwide on all Evo notebooks and enables the user the freedom to stay connected to their network wirelessly while roaming in a building, campus or "hot spot" environment. This solution provides the user with the ability to interoperate with other WLAN products; access point, PC cards, and USB dongles at speeds up to 11Mbps. The antenna and wireless assembly in the MultiPort provides omni-directional signal strength, which leads to maximum data throughput and range. This solution provides 128 bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption security and is WiFi certified.

Device Name: Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Module
Hardware ID: USB\VID_049F&PID_0033

Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Module Driver for WinXP: Download

Compaq 802.11b MultiPort Module Driver and Software for Windows 98SE , ME and Windows 2000:

Download (VERSION: 1.00 Rev. B). EFFECTIVE DATE: December 10, 2001

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