D-Link DWL-500 802.11b Wireless PCI Adapter Drivers for Windows

D-Link DWL-500 Wireless PCI Adapter

The D-Link DWL-500 is a high-speed 11 Mbps Ethernet wireless network adapter that plugs into your PC's PCI bus slot. Once connected with other networked PC's, it allows you to share hard disk drives, DVD drives, CD drives, Iomega Zip drives, printers and provides shared access to a modem for Internet access. It strictly adheres to the most advanced IEEE networking standard for wireless connections, so the D-Link DWL-500 is very compatible with multi-vendor environments that also meet the standard compliance for the IEEE 802.11b.

Device Name: D-Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Adapter
Device ID: PCMCIA\D-Link_DWL-650_11Mbps_WLAN_Card-F360

DWL-500 Driver and Wireless Utility for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP:

Download 1, Download 2 (ver 1.32, 4.64MB)