Intel PROSet/Wireless Software Wireless Troubleshooter on Windows* XP/2000

The Intel® PROSet/Wireless Main Window allows you to:

  • View the current connection status (signal quality, speed and current network name)
  • Scan for available wireless networks
  • Manage profiles
  • Auto-connect profiles to available networks in a specific order defined in the Profile list
  • Connect to Infrastructure and Device to Device (ad hoc) networks
  • Configure adapter settings
  • Troubleshoot wireless connection problems

Wireless Troubleshooter (Tools Menu)

Intel® Wireless Troubleshooter is an application that can help you resolve wireless network connection issues. When a connection issue is detected, a desktop alert appears at the bottom right corner of your desktop. Once you click the desktop alert, a diagnostic message displays the recommended steps to resolve the connection problem. For example, if a connection problem occurred because of an invalid password, the Profile manager application is launched when you click a displayed hyperlink. You can also launch Wireless Event Viewer and enable or disable alert notifications. The Intel Wireless Troubleshooter is supported under Windows* XP and Windows* 2000.

The Intel Wireless Troubleshooter page contains two panes. Use your left mouse button on the left pane to display a list of available tools. The right pane displays the current connection issue in a section. Each section has two parts: the error message and the recommended action. The recommended action contains descriptions about available utilities and helps to resolve the associated connection issue. If you click a help link, the help text is displayed in a window. If you click the associated issue resolution link, a program is launched to resolve the connection issue.

Menu Options


Wireless Event Viewer:
Launches Wireless Event Viewer.

Disable Notification/Enable Notification: Select to disable or enable alert notifications.

Exit: Click to exit the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter application.


Displays or removes the History data on the right panel of the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter.


Manual Diagnostics Tool:
Run diagnostic test to verify the functionality of your wireless adapter.


Intel Wireless Troubleshooter Help:
Displays online help for the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter.

About: Displays version information for the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter.

Available Help

Date Time error message:

  • Description of error.
  • Link to resolve error (if available). See Resolve Errors below.
  • Link to recommended steps to resolve error.


Maintains a list of the last five alerts. The alerts are listed chronologically, with the most recent alert at the top of the list.

Operating System:
Windows* XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows* 2000, Windows* XP 64-Bit Edition, Windows* XP Professional, Windows* XP Home Edition, Windows* XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows* XP Media Center Edition

This applies to:Intel®PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
Intel®PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection
Intel®PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
Intel®Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

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