Linksys WET11 Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge


Linksys Instant Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Linksys Instant Wireless Ethernet Bridge (WET11)
Summary802.11b to Ethernet bridge that can be used in AdHoc or Infrastructure mode to create interesting wireless/wired network combinations.
Update11/13/02 - Take 2, Wrap Up on WAP11 vs. WET11. Corrected MPLS info
10/31/02 - Clarified Wrap Up on WAP11 vs. WET11
Pros• Can use other antennas
• Supports AdHoc and Infrastructure modes
• Superior radio performance
Cons• 10% WEP-enabled throughput reduction
• Can't be used as an Access Point
• No MAC Address Association controls

Linksys' new WET11 is causing quite a stir in the wireless networking world. Some say it's just a WAP11 stuck in AP Client mode. Others say it works great and wish it were weatherized for outdoor WISP-type use. So what's the real story? Has Linksys managed to come up with a one-product-does-all 802.11b solution?