Linksys WET11 Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge

Wireless Performance

SNR readings were done with NetStumbler
Testing was done with an ORiNOCO Gold Card in a Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop running WinXP Home

I ran my tests with the WET11 and ORiNOCO Gold card each in AdHoc mode... the first time I've done a test in AdHoc mode. The maximum throughput of around 4.7Mbps is similar to what I see when testing throughput using an Access Point instead of the WET11.

I was more impressed with the longer distance Condition 3 and 4 tests, however, which yielded a reliable throughput around 4Mbps... a very respectable showing. I double checked the results with a 30 Second Chariot run, which confirmed the 4.1Mbps average number but also showed a cyclical variation between 2.7 and 5.0Mbps as shown in Figure 5.

Linksys WET11- Chariot throughput plot

Figure 5: Chariot throughput plot
(click on the image for a full-sized view)

The mixed news on WEP is that enabling it extracted about a throughput penalty, although it was a relatively low 10%, vs. the 30+% I've seen with other products.

In all, I'd say the WET11 has pretty decent radio performance!

802.11b Wireless Performance Test Results

Test Conditions

- WEP encryption: DISABLED
- Tx Rate:
- Power Save:
- Test Partner: ORiNOCO Gold PC card

Firmware/Driver Versions

AP f/w:
Wireless client driver:
Wireless client f/w:
No Info

Test DescriptionSNR (dB)Transfer Rate (Mbps)Response Time (msec)UDP stream
Throughput (kbps)Lost data (%)
Client to AP - Condition 1674.7 [No WEP]
4.2 [w/ WEP]
3 (avg)
4 (max)
Client to AP - Condition 2404 [No WEP]
[w/ WEP]
3 (avg)
4 (max)
Client to AP - Condition 3254.1 [No WEP]
[w/ WEP]
3 (avg)
6 (max)
Client to AP - Condition 4244.1 [No WEP]
[w/ WEP]
3 (avg)
5 (max)