NETGEAR WAG511 Dual Band Wireless PC Card Reviewed


NETGEAR Dual Band Wireless PC Card

NETGEAR Dual Band Wireless PC Card
SummaryAtheros-based dual-band tri-mode (a/b/g) wireless CardBus adapter.
Pros• Standard-setting performance in all modes
• Covers all major WLAN standards
Cons• Can't set Xmit rate
• Crude mode selection

The draft-11g market has moved quickly, progressing through the first generation of single-band b/g products to the second generation dual-band, tri-mode products in a matter of months. NETGEAR's WAG511 was one of the first tri-mode wireless CardBus adapters available, so it made its way to the head of my "must review" list. I was generally pleased with the results of my testing.