ZyXEL ZyAIR G-2000 Plus 802.11g Wireless 4-port Router

Other Features

I really liked about the logging features of the G-2000 Plus. You can set the system to log as many or as few different types of events that you'd like, such as system errors, attacks, wireless activity and so forth. It will communicate with a Syslog server if configured to do so, and you can also set it to send email alerts when certain events occur, or to email you entire logs as directed. Viewing logs is easy from within the web interface, although they can get lengthy if you've choose to log everything (Figure 7).

Log Viewer

Figure 7: Log Viewer

There's also the usual DHCP server included, along with a Dynamic DNS updating service. These services all worked well for me, and of course the web interface makes them easy to configure.