Head to Head: ASUS WL-530g vs. Linksys WRT54GC Mini Wireless Routers

Routing Performance

To test throughput across each device's firewall system, I connected Zombie to the WAN interface, and set Mercury up as a DMZ server connected to the LAN. For a baseline reference, LAN to LAN throughput with each product from any point to any point was remarkably consistent at 94.0 Mbits/sec.

From : ToLinksys WRT54GC ThroughputASUS WL-530g Throughput
LAN to WAN46.90 Mbits/sec26.47 Mbits/sec
WAN to LAN46.90 Mbits/sec24.78 Mbits/sec
Table 2: Routing Throughput


Table 2 shows the WL-530g is considerably slower than the GC, but in line with the results I obtained from the Linksys WRT54GP2, which uses the same Marvell chipset. After contacting the ASUS representative who provided me with the test unit, I was emailed a firmware update which was said to improve throughput. 

ASUS was correct. After upgrade and using the same testing setup, my LAN to WAN throughput jumped to an average of 38.7 Mbits/sec, and WAN to LAN increased to an average of 38.4 Mbits/sec. This is still a bit slower than the Linksys, but much improved. 

NOTE!Note: The firmware as shipped was version and the ASUS-supplied version was It's worth noting that as of this writing, the English firmware update (which is available here) is listed as beta software in ASUS's download section.