Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander reviewed

Wrapping Up

I can see buyers having a very frustrating time with the WRE54G at many levels due to poor documentation, lack of diagnostics and just plain inability to get their wireless clients to give up the dying connection back to the main AP and use the WRE54G instead.

As you can see from the test results, the WRE54G's repeated throughput falls off pretty quickly, so I can't recommend it at all as a way to improve wireless speed in areas where it may be lower than desired.

And while it might be useful as a way to extend your wireless LAN's range (which I didn't bother testing), the speed is so slow and erratic that the typical user will probably give up in frustration and/or wonder why his connection is so squirrely.

So my bottom line is that while there may be easy ways to expand your wireless LAN's range, the WRE54G isn't one of them, at least not at this point in its development.