Linksys Wireless Signal Booster Review

More Performance

The table clearly shows that the WSB24 improves the throughput under the weaker-signal Conditions 3 and 4, but has no effect in the Condition 1 and 2 tests, which use locations that provide a stronger signal. I also ran with and without-boost NetIQ Chariot plots, which are shown in Figures 5 and 6.

Linksys WSB24: Throughput plot - no boost

Figure 5: Throughput - no boost
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Linksys WSB24: Throughput plot - with boost

Figure 6: Throughput - with boost
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The plots clearly show that the WSB24's boost both raises the average throughput, but also reduces throughput variation in the weaker-signal Conditons 3 and 4... both nice results to have!